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As a family we have fond memories of those  Sunday dinners after church when Grandmother prepared all our favorite foods. Nothing compares to the beauty of the experience of family members, dressed in Sunday best, all aglow from that great Sunday morning singing, preaching, and fellowship with friends.


Though we sat around Grandmother's  table hungry for much of the afternoon, we were patient for we knew our hunger would soon be satisfied. The aroma from grandmother's kitchen would linger all over the house as we played with siblings and cousins.


This love for our family, our neighbors and the world gives us a sense that LIFE IS JUST PLAIN GOOD! Aunt Fannie’s Special Spice is prepared with that same love and care to bring back the best of your dining memories with the added bonus of providing support for a healthy body.


Try Aunt Fannie’s Special Spice today and create your own unforgettable, lasting memories for your family and friends. Make every meal a gourmet meal with Aunt Fannie – simply, healthy and delicious!

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